The new world, the new ideas, new events. The borders disappear, unattainable becomes possible!

We do not change all and everything, we do not throw out that has been made up to us, we at all do not overturn all from legs on a head though sometimes and it would be desirable it. All that is necessary creative approach and imagination for us is. They force to do habitual things unusual, they do a holiday by the HOLIDAY (notice, not simply Holiday from the big letter, and the HOLIDAY where all letters greater, moreover, where each separate element - too a holiday).

We work not with the abstract companies, and with concrete people. And, doing any event, we solve especially human problems. We appeal more to emotions of people, rather than to their reason. And then these new emotions force reason to move in the necessary channel.

Moscow, 1st Shipkovskiy a lane 25-1 (metro Serpuhovskaya, Pavelezkaya)
+7(495) 518-1285

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